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Since 1979

A:  We can do both large and small jobs.  But, because of our size, we
have an optimum job size.  We are unable to build skyscrapers and have
too much overhead to be competitive with a handyman on small home
repairs. See our Project page for typical jobs.

Q: What will my project cost?

 This depends on the selections you make.   If you already have plans
and specifications, a price will be fairly easy to determine.  If you don’t,
our process will help you develop them.

Q: What do your quotes include?

We include the actual material and an amount for our labor.  Like
some contractors who give estimates and then send you a final bill for
1.5 to 2 times the estimate, you can be certain that our price will be what
we quote.

Q:  How long does it take to get a price for my project?

 Once we know what you want done, it usually takes 5 to 7 business
days for us to give a price for a moderately sized project. Large projects
typically take us two weeks.

Q: Do you offer new home construction services?

No.  We moved from building new homes to remodeling in about 1998.

Q: How soon can you begin my project?

Once we have a signed construction agreement, we will apply for a
building permit (if needed) and begin ordering material.  The permit
usually takes 2 weeks for the Township to review. We can schedule work
to begin after the permit is received. (Note: The Summers are our busiest
season, so it is better to contact us during the Winter if you would like
your work done over the Summer months.)

Q: Will I need a variance to add on to my existing house?

 We will help you determine that.  Sometimes it is clear if a variance is
required by the Township and if an approval by the Township would be
granted. Other times we need to submit the request for a variance and
wait for the Townships decision.  Most cases are approved. We will
represent you at the Municipal meetings and complete all the paperwork
needed to submit for the variance. The cost will be included in the
contract price.

Q: How do I proceed if all I know is that I want more room in my

Schedule an appointment with us.  We will meet with you at your
existing residence.  We will discuss your objectives and some options.  If
you choose, we will work with you to develop plans and specifications.  
Once it is clear what you want, you can have us give you a quote.  You
can also get quotes from other contractors, with some assurance that all
quotes will be based on the same work.  If you are happy with the plans,
the specifications, and the price, we will sign a contract and schedule the

Q: Will I be able to remain in my house during the remodeling?

 Yes – almost always.  We do our best to minimize the disruption our
work causes to you and your family.  We will do our best to isolate our
work area from the remainder of your house.

Q:  Do you use subcontractors for your projects?

 Yes.  The subcontractors we use have been working with us for many
years.  They are highly skilled and experienced in their individual area of
expertise.  Using subcontractors requires additional coordination but
adds to the quality of the finished project.   

Q:  Is Jack B. Billmyer, Inc. insured?

 Yes.  Our company and sub-contractors are fully insured. We go
through a yearly audit by an independent company to ensure coverage
is in place for our company and all sub-contractors that work for us.
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