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Since 1979
Remodeling can be a stressful process for many homeowners.  Knowing what
to expect, before your project begins, can help to reduce some of this stress.
The steps below describe the typical process. Our construction contract is
customized for each homeowner and is unique for each job.

Step 1 – Preliminary Meeting
You notify us of your remodeling interest.  Jack will meet with you and discuss
what you would like to have changed or added to your home and talk about
different options. An approximate estimate on cost will be provided to you, in a
reasonable amount of time, at no cost.   

Step 2 – Design
For most remodeling, it is essential that the owner have a design and a set of
plans.  (This is a
must if you plan to get prices from more than one contractor.)
If you already have this, we can begin working immediately on a specification
and a price.  Otherwise, we will proceed with the following actions:
  1. Obtaining detailed measurements, taking photos, etc.
  2. Meetings with customer and designer/architect to determine additional
    needs and requirements and develop a proposed design (Plans).
  3. Develop detailed description of work to be done.
  4. Evaluation of applicable building codes
  5. Preparation and filing of building permit and zoning variance applications
    (if necessary).
****The cost of this work can be as high as 5% of the price of the project and
will be included in the project price.****

If necessary:
  1. Surveys necessary to determine property lines

Step 3 – Finalize Contract
We will prepare a contract that will explain many of the legal and financial
details.  Our contracts are tailored for the specific job and are designed to
protect both the homeowner and contractor.  All jobs include a specification
that, along with the plans, detail exactly what material you will be getting and
what work will be done.  Our specifications are very detailed and we try to make
them reflect exactly what the customer wants.  Once a signed contract and a
deposit is received, we will begin applying for building permits, ordering
material, and scheduling the work.

Step 4 – Construction
Once the building permit and material is received, work will begin.  Much of the
work is done by our carpenters.  Depending on the job, their work is
supplemented by our subcontractors (electrician, plumber, mason, etc.).  
Periodic payments are invoiced as the work progresses (as outlined in the

Step 5 – Post Construction
Most jobs end with an agreed upon “punch list” of items that are needed to
consider the job complete.  Once completed, a final bill is sent and the one year
warranty period begins.
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