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Since 1979
With Jack's years of experience in both new construction and remodeling,
he has a very good “sense” for effective design.  Jack has worked with
hundreds of floor plans and is sensitive to good traffic patterns, making
use of space, and knowing structurally and physically what can be done
to meet your objectives. Jack will meet with you, walk through your
existing house and discuss your plans and desires. He will tell you what
can and can’t be done and give you recommendations.   

If you do not have plans, and depending on the size of your project, we
can work with our Architect (Gluszko Architects for large projects) and
our Designer (Curry Design Group) for smaller projects.  Based on your
input, our office staff will produce a set of specifications that will describe
the scope of the project in detail.  

The plans and specification will be used:

  • By you to know exactly what you will be getting for the price we
  • By us to order material and perform the remodeling

Additions – we routinely do first and second floor additions to your
existing residence.  Examples include:

  • Adjoining basements
  • First & second floor bedroom and bathroom additions
  • Three and four season sun rooms
  • Screen Porches
  • Rear first floor additions

Updating the appearance and function of a living space.  Objectives can
be to convert space to another use, improve traffic flow, or simply update
the appearance.  Examples include:

  • Replacing an existing bathroom bathtub and sink with a new tile
    shower and vanity.
  • Replacing existing doors and windows with ones that are more
    energy efficient and quieter.
  • Finishing off an unfinished basement
  • Replacing existing flooring with tile or hardwood.
  • Replacing exterior roofing, siding, guttering, shutters, trim, etc.
  • Decks and Patios
  • Gas fireplaces

Major repairs, those requiring several trades can be a major project. A
General Contract has the knowledge to develop, oversee and coordinate
the different sub-contractors to complete their work in a somewhat
orderly schedule.

Minor repairs are usually best done by a handy man or a single
specializing contractor. When there is not a need for coordination in
scheduling of multiple people, a homeowner can save substantial
amounts of money by overseeing the following minor jobs themselves.

  • Painting of a single room
  • Landscaping
  • Swimming pools

Products Used
These are just a few of the newer products we use to insure you receive
the best service.

  • Azek - Non Rot Exterior Trim
  • Hardi Plank - Siding
  • Sola-Tube - Skylights

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